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Yopets is a Dog grooming salon located in Woodside, Queens, run by Woodside native Paul Apailee. Upon noticing the lack of dog grooming salons in his neighborhood and his love for his own dog he decided to establish Yopets- a full service dog grooming salon.



Here at Yopets we’re committed to ensuring that your furry friend has the best experience possible. We offer high quality grooms to dog’s of all sizes and temperaments. Our goal is to provide a positive and healthy grooming experience for your pet in a professional environment. 



Here at Yopets we strive to help our community and truly make a difference. We love keeping pet parents informed with any and all pet information that can better help their pets. We provide poop bags to local dog parks to help maintain them clean. We also work with various rescued based all over NYC helping dogs that are looking for loving homes.


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